Sunday, 3rd. October   Finals Day    Order of Play.

Lawn 1   President’s Cup Final – 1. 00pm. start.   Gail Moors v Peter Williams.
Lawn  2  Golf Croquet Cup  –  2. 00pm. start.  Mike Armstrong v  Peers Cawley.
Lawn  3  Short Croquet Cup -either lawn –  2. 00pm. start.   Tina Kelly v Diana Williamson.
The American Challenge Cup has been won by Peter Williams.The Chairmans Bowl has been won by Richard Harding.The 2019 President’s Cup Final was not played until this year, between Peter Williams and Don Williamson. The winner was Peter.

The 1st./2nd. year Golf Cup is to be played on the North Lawns – 1.30pm. start.

The Jacob’s Join is at 4.30pm. This will be cancelled if it rains as we cannot accommodate everyone in the clubhouse at this time.

Barbara Haslam.Internal Tournament Manager.