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Beginners Croquet Courses

Our Beginners Courses introduce you to the different formats of Croquet with some of its many subtleties and strategies.  You will also learn some different types of Croquet shots so that you can send two balls to different parts of the lawn with one stroke.  Like Snooker, success in Croquet depends upon ‘building a break’ and our courses give you the basic skills to start doing this.

Our Beginners Courses only cost £20 for four lessons of two hours each.

Choose from: Mondays (7-9) starting Monday 14th June
Wednesdays (7-9) starting Wednesday 16
th June

Saturdays (10:30-12-30) starting Saturday 19th June

Each course is limited to small groups, so early booking is advisable.

It is easy to join: E-mail: with your contact details, stating which course you would like to join and we will get back to you.